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Kong Fact: Fortunately, Kong will not cause this condition but certain drugs might....ouch!

It is highly recommended that you take either Kong and/or Kong Black Voodoo daily and the Kong Red Horn only prior to sexual activity.  Kong Red Horn is situation specific.  That is Kong Red Horn may be TOO STRONG to take on a daily basis.
If Kong was compared to a prescription drug like Cialis or Viagra ( Kong is not a drug, it is a dietary supplment) its effect would be more similar to a Cialis type product than to Viagra.  However, the Kong Red Horn will act as an instant activator when taken prior to sexual activity.  The Kong Red Horn is very, very powerful so take the Kong and/or Kong Black Voodoo daily as your foundation suppplement and use Kong Red Horn for that extra ROCK HARD PERFORMANCE you can count on when you need it most. Keep it up!

Kong Redhorn  is an herbal potency supplement developed to support increased sexual pleasure and to powerfully boost sexual performance. Kong Red Horn is a chinese herbal supplement and works fast.  In most cases in about 25 minutes.

The fast results of Kong Redhorn allow you to be ready whenever you want and too fully enjoy the pleasure of sexual activity with your partner. Kong Red Horn is stacked with powerful natural ingredients, such as Rhodiola Rhizome, Lycium Fruit, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Poria Sclerotium, Cnidium Fruit, Tienchi Ginseng, Cassia, and Korean (Panax) Ginseng. Simpy put, Kong Red Horn gives you the power, stamina, energy and recovery you need, when you need it. For up to 15 hours!

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Kong Red Horn Benefits

  • Kong Red Horn works! We have experienced an overwhelming positive response to all Kong products and Kong Red Horn is effective in 25 minutes or less.

  • Kong Red Horn is designed to work alone and will work even better when taken as a pre-activity booster with Kong and/or Kong Black Voodoo.

  • Kong Red Horn may be taken with alcohol! We do not recommend alcohol consumption but now a few drinks won't limit your options as alcohol is well known to increase desire but decrease physical performance.  Fight back by taking Kong products anytime you consume alchoholic beverages and perform like a champ!

  • Kong Red Horn is not an expensive prescription drug formulated with harsh chemicals that can cause headaches and blurry vision. Kong works without the risk of dangerous side effects caused by many prescription drugs.

  • Kong Red Horn is 100% all natural. Kong products do not pollute your body with harmful chemicals. See below for ingredients and historical benefits

Info about ingredients

Rhodiola is a plant native to mountainous regions of Asia, parts of Europe, and the Arctic. The root is the part of the plant used medicinally, and some sources refer to the herb as "golden root". It contains Rosavin, Rosarin, Rosin, Rhodioloside, and Isoflavones etc. Traditionally it is often recommended for help relieve from fatigue and supplement energy. According to a research of 56 young, healthy male and female physicians on night duty, the investigators found out that significant effects were seen during only one two-week study phase, and concluded that the extract "possesses a clear anti-fatigue effect without any reported adverse reactions or side-effects, at the dosage used in our study in a situation of moderate level of fatigue and stress." [Darbinyan V, Phytomedicine 2000; 7(5): 365-371]. Other studies have shown benefits in such varied areas as memory enhancement, increased sexual libido and enhanced work performance and endurance.

Lycium grows wildly on hillsides in the cooler regions of Northern China and Europe, also cultivated in some other areas of China, Asia, England, the Middle East and North America. The ancient medical applications have shown that Lycium "can help maintain healthy eyes, support healthy liver function, and is also an excellent herb for anti-oxidant." Lycium fruit contains over 15% protein, 21 essential minerals, and 18 amino acids. According to Dr. Bob Delmonteque, a senior medical advisor to the Journal of Longevity Research and Muscle and Fitness magazine, Lycium is "one of the promising health-supporting foods that I have ever used" and "a nutrient-dense super food. What impresses me the most is the amount of clinical researches behind it," Dr. Delmonteque noted, "There are substantial evidences that the lycium polysaccharides in the wolfberry have significant antioxidant and immune-supporting properties."

Chinese Yam root contains diosgenin, which has such effects as anti-fatigue, anti-inflammation, and anti-stress etc. It has also other nutritious elements, such as saponins, choline, beta-carotene, amino acids, vitamin C, iron, amylase (enzyme), protein, and starch etc. Chinese Yam has been known as a tonic herb that supports spleen, lung, and kidney. According to a study conducted by School of Medicine, University of Arizona, Chinese Yam Extract has "significant activities as antioxidant to modify serum lipid levels." [Life Sci. 1996; 59(11): PL147-57].


Cnidium Monnieri Cnidium monnieri is a plant which grows in China (and possibly in Oregon) whose seeds are used in classical traditional Chinese medicine for skin problems and as a natural libido booster. Cnidium is known in China as She Chuang Zi. 

Cnidium seed contains several compounds including coumarins, osthol, imperatorin, glucides and hepatoprotective sesquiterpenes.

Poria is a very old and widely used herb especially in Chinese medicine, traditionally used as a tonic to benefit the internal organs. Poria contains beta-pachyman, a polysaccharide beta-pachymarose, several organic acids such as tumulosic acid, eubricoic acid, pinicolic acid, and pachymic acid, chitin, glucose, sterols, lecithin, choline, etc.

L-Arginine - Is a non-essential amino-acid that in recent years is rapidly gaining popularity as a non-prescription item to support cholesterol reduction and improved sexual performance.

L-Arginine is used in muscle metabolism and supports weight control with a corresponding increase of muscle mass and reduced body fat.

L-Arginine also creates nitric oxide in the human body (nitric oxide is one of the most essential substances which influence sexual function in both men and women), and helps to improve circulation. and maintains the nitrogen balance.

L-Arginine is found in seminal fluid and is used in the treatment of male sexual health problems and treatments for sterility.

L-Arginine is widely used in sexual stimulants and users report longer and more intense orgasms when their intake of L-Arginine is increased.

In Men, L-Arginine supports improved blood flow to the genital area and supports erections that are harder, bigger, longer lasting and more frequent

In Women, l-Arginine supports a higher blood flow to the female genitalia which supports increased engorgement and sensitivity of the clitoral and vaginal tissues. As a result, L-Arginine supports the the possibility for women to reach a longer, more powerful and frequent orgasm(s).

L-Arginine deficiency is rare - but signs may include impaired insulin production as well as possible hair loss.

Catuaba Bark - Brazilian herbal medicine used as a central nervous system
stimulant and aphrodisiac of "proven efficacy". In the State of Minas Brazil the saying is "..until the Father is 60, the child is his, after that the child is Catuaba's".

Tienchi Ginseng (Panax notoginseng)
This is a key dietary support to optimize circulation and to enhance defense system balance. Widely used by Chinese doctors who are known to hail Tienchi Ginseng as the "Miracle Root for Preservation of Health," and because of its isotonic properties, botanists have classified it as an adaptogen. Scientists have found Tienchi to contain two important constituents: saponins and flavonoids. Saponins, the primary active substance of ginseng, are known as ginsenosides, of which there are many. Flavonoids, or bioflavonoids, play a major role in nutrition. While most ginsengs are deemed to be either yin or yang in action, Tienchi is considered to be neutral.

Muira Puama Root - Muira Puama Extract is derived from a Small Amazonian tree or bush, also known as "Potency Wood". Used by Indigenous Amazonian population as an aphrodisiac and performance enhancer since the 1920's.


Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) Korean Ginseng has been used in China as a sexual balancer and revitalising tonic for over 7000 years.

Korean or Panax Ginseng is stimulating and restorative and supports improved physical and mental energy, stamina, strength, alertness and concentration. As an adaptogen, Korean GInseng also helps individuals adapt to physical or emotional stress and fatigue. Korean GInseng has a normalising effect on hormone balance and supports increased metabolic rate in addition to supporting as improved blood flow to the genitals.

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