Ryan Ragan

As a nationally-seeded professional surfer, I am constantly traveling and frequently surf and compete in Sumatra, The Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Puerto Rico, all over Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and Portugal, Maverick's and as much as possible the Oahu-Hawaii Pipeline.
Ephedra and caffeine products don't agree with me but BluEarth and KONG together really give me a great natural boost. I have more endurance and stamina, I recover faster after workouts and the Surfer Chicks like it too!

Ryan Ragan
Professional Surfer
38 Amateur Finals, 15 First Place Finishes, 11 2nd Place Finishes
1st Place East Daytona Beach, FL, A.S.P Tournament
2nd Place Billabong Pro Costa Rica
2nd Place Sant Cruz Pro
(Additional Information @ www.ragansurfs.com)


Mike Zingaro

As an Elite level Cyclist, I am training constantly, sometimes up to 30 hours a week. I have competed all over the world including Canada, Europe, all over the Carribean, and close to every one of the 50 states. I sometimes compete close to 100 times a year. I am constantly trying to find ways to shorten my recovery time and aid in my performance. I make it a priority to take Bluearth twice a day and never forget to take Kong before my hard training days and every competition for that extra endurance.

Mike Zingaro
1996 US Junior National Team Member
2000 Olympic Trialist
2000 Florida State Road Race Omnium Champion
2000 Tour of Tobago Stage 3 Winner
2001 MS/AL State Criterium Champion
2002 Florida State Criterium Champion
Over 40 Career Victories
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