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67 % of women surveyed have indicated that they are not 100% satisfied with the size or performance of their partner’s penis.

KONG has been scientifically formulated to perform better than any other Penis Enlargement and/or Male Enhancement product available.

KONG is formulated with powerful Amazon Herbs to support bigger, longer and firmer erections that you and your lover will both enjoy for hours on end.

KONG is like putting a turbo on your V-8. Even if you don’t need one, it sure is fun to have one!

The penis is comprised of two forms of erectile tissue called the corpus spongisium and the corpus cavernosa, found only in the penis.

One method of supporting larger, more powerful erections is to take supplements that improve and or activate a rapid increase in blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis while simultaneously preventing the blood that has surged into the erectile tissues from leaving the penis, thus maintaining the erection.

Many natural exotic herbs have been allegorically proven over hundreds of years of general usage to improve erection strength, while preventing the subsequent loss of blood flow required to maintain lasting and powerful penis turgidity.

KONG has tapped into centuries of research by Native-Culture Shamans of the Amazon Rain Forest in addition to the exhaustive research of modern western herbal pharmacologists to deliver our customers the most exotic, potent and lasting herbal sex enhancement blend.

KONG supports not only the physiological components of penis enlargement & sex enhancement but has also been designed to support the critical psychological arousal or aphrodisiac qualities required to complete the human sexual experience, appetite, response and performance.

In other words, KONG is not only formulated to put you in optimum physical state but has also been formulated to ensure that you (and your significant other) are physically and psychologically aroused! It is critical to support both physical and psychological drive to complete the requirements of maximum sexual perfomance.

KONG is the finest product in its category, manufactured only in FDA licensed facilities and meeting the industry’s highest GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices). Countless numbers of our customers (men,women and couples) have raved to us regarding the unbelievable results and experiences they have achieved by regular KONG usage.

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