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This guy is on the phone with KONG Customer Service, asking how long Kong Red Horn's wonderful effects last for.

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Just thought I'd let you know that after about 3-4 weeks of regular use on empty stomach, wow is all I can say, the last couple of nights have been amazing, wonderful sensations & orgasms, I can last for well over an hour.I just hope it keeps getting better.
Is the enlargement permanent?
Many thanks

Paul S.
United Kingdom

                                       THANKS ,
Jupiter, FL

Hey! KONG is fantastic. When will Kong 33 be released,and what are the difference? Will it be tablets or capsules? New ingredients,or an "extra"supplement like BV & RH?
S. Cal
Webmaster note:  Thanks B. J..  KMS is testing various formulas and delivery systems for Kong 33.  We expect this product to be release by the end of 2006.  Keep it up....!

......I intend to continue using KONG BV and KONG. I hope I would be able to get this deal. Thank you very much for your time and. It's Nassau NP, Bahamas..... Do have a wonderful day. Kong is working well for me.Keep up the work. Bye....

Kong Online Customer
Nassau, Bahamas

Comments/Special Delivery Instructions: "The stuff is great and works!
Combine with BV and Oh, Brother!

Throw in some Red Horn ;-) it works..... !
Kong Reorder Customer
Catonsville, MD

Thanks guys!!  Love this stuff.

Chris B
New York


.....thanks Chris......Kong works great...I have more energy and I am losing weight too (6 lbs in one month)....something I did not expect..please add me to your auto-ship program......I will add this product to my website sale items too....please send a Kong Red Horn sample with my order.
Kong Customer
Dennis G.
Palm Beach, FL

I recieved my Kong Red Horn last week and put it to the test......well she made me stop after an hour and a was back up-and-down hard for 3 days!  Thanks!
Chris B.

Hollywood, FL

"As soon as i started taking kong i realized a change almost immediately with my muscles, they were bigger and stronger......."

Kong Customer Service Email

Excerpt from recent Kong order:
How did you hear about us:    

Comments: I'm 76 years old now, and i'm still using KONG. It's getting bigger
and better all the time!!! I will NEVER stop using KONG!!!

(Reg-Site) KONG 6 Month Supply ($119.99) X 1 = $119.99
Total                                    = $119.99
Grand Total                              = $119.99
Long time Kong Customer
Tuscon, AZ

(Email from long-time Kong user) "Just want to say thanks for KONG, it really works. BV with regular KONG reeeeeeaaaaaaaly works great. Many thanks to you."

James M. Northwest, Idaho

(Customer Reorder Conversation)
...your Kong product is great.  I purchased a 2 + 1 special.  I am much more active and have added 3 inches.....I know you must be selling a lot of Kong....please send my your six bottle special.....
J. G.
Brevard County, FL


You have come up with a product that is right up there with the invention of sliced bread. I first learned of your product on 94.3 WZZR. I kept hearing what it does for a man. So one night i call up the station and got me a sample bottle. Ever since i got my bottle of Kong my life has changed. I use to come home from work too tired for anything. Now i have all kinds of energy. My wife loves what KONG has done to me. I have gone from once or twice a month to 3 or 4 times a week. She says she can tell it has made me bigger and stronger. My stamina is unbelievable now. I use to be quick but now i last for long periods at a time.

I met KONG representative Rodney McCoy a few weeks ago............. He gave me a sample of Black VooDoo to go with my KONG. I took 2 a night along with the regular KONG and WOW what a difference. Not only did it make me hornier but it lasted all the next day. While i was at work I couldntwait to get home to get to my wife. All i have to say is KEEP IT GOING KONG!!!!!!

Wellington FL

(Previous Customer)


Rock Hill SC

KONG goes abroad!

Dear KONG:

I began taking Kong in September, before leaving to visit my Russian fiancee for the second time (she made it clear on the phone what she needed to stay satisfied). I'm 55, so with my "artistic" tendency toward poor focus was a little concerned about keeping up with my 40-year-old babe.

What, me worry?

Once I had her in my arms, she actually had a little trouble keeping up with me! And the extra alertness that Kong has obviously provided helped make the whole trip more pleasurable-- even helping me back here
in the US as I buckle down to make my new sommunications consulting business a success.

In about a month we'll be together for a romantic two weeks in Cyprus, and then in the Spring she'll be arriving so we can get married and settle down.

But thanks to Kong, the settling down part might have to be put on hold...... Heh heh.

Anyway, thanks from me and my beautiful lady. Keep up the great work. I'll be keeping something up on my end too!

Carey C.

I'm a 75 year old retired sailor, and have been using Kong for quite a while now, with great success. I just recently tried Black Voodoo, and i'm here to say Black Voodoo is fantastic. Bigger, harder, and better!!


James W.
San Diego, CA


When Stamina RX was on the way out months ago, Kong happened to call me, the guy sent me a free bottle and I gave it a try. It was by far the best product I have ever tried. I placed an order for it and have been selling over 24 bottles a months for the past five months. Give them a call you can at least try some samples.

Chris Davis. Manager
GNC #3299
Portsmouth, NH 03801

I have been using KONG for three moths now and my wife loves me for it! After the first few weeks I found that I was harder and thicker. But the thing that my wife most noticed was that I was no longer a minuteman. Finally a product that did not just make me hard, but made me better!!!

JAY- New Hampshire

I work 12 to 16 hours a day, hold 2 jobs, and have 2 young kids. My wife works hard at home too, and at night we were both always tired. I started taking KONG, and in 2 weeks, I was getting up alert at 4am, going to bed relaxed at 10pm, and "sneaking" my wife upstairs whenever the kids were distracted. At first my wife laughed at my purchase, but yesterday as I was rushing to leave for work, she yelled "Kong!!" as I was heading for the garage. Don't let anyone talk you into taking harmful drugs- let nature take its course with KONG. It gives me alertness for my job, libido for my spouse, and overall energy for activities with the kids- without side effects or ephedrine dangers. My mother in law even said I look thinner & more active- if only she knew why!

I did my homework on the ingredients BEFORE I bought: KONG doesn't contain anything that isn't widely documented or researched. I won't use drugs. KONG even has me drinking less beer- and I love beer. But I find myself being more active everyday and chasing my wife when the kids go to bed- instead of sitting in a chair and drinking suds in front of the TV!

D in Detroit

Kong is great, it makes me feel younger and my erections are stronger,
stiffer and last longer. It is an amazing product!

Vincent P.

Southern CA.

....before ordering KONG, I investigated every Penis Pill I could find...Vig-Rx, Enzyte, Ogoplex & Mioplex, Viacyn, etc...they were all $59.99 and up. Some as high as $99.99 per bottle but they did not seem any better than KONG and they charged shipping too!

At $59.99 for 3 bottles of KONG and Free Shipping too, ordering KONG was a "No Brainer" for me. It was clearly a top quality product and the nice people at KMS said they priced it as a great value because it was Consumer Direct.

Well, after using KONG for 2 months now, I am hooked. My wife even bugs me when I forget to take it! Thanks KONG!

A. Alane
Tuscaloosa, AL

See Mike Zingaro in the KONG SPORTS section

As an Elite level Cyclist, I am training constantly, sometimes up to 30 hours a week. I have competed all over the world including Canada, Europe, all over the Carribean, and close to every one of the 50 states. I sometimes compete close to 100 times a year. I am constantly trying to find ways to shorten my recovery time and aid in my performance. I make it a priority to take Bluearth twice a day and never forget to take Kong before my hard training days and every competition for that extra endurance.

Mike Zingaro

I'm 74 years old, and had been doing quite well before KONG. I'm amazed that KONG really works. Now I even wake up from an erotic dream with a good erection! I just submitted my second order, and i'll stay with KONG forever!

Jim W, California

“I have been a competitive body builder and powerlifter (current 3 lift total 1780 lbs.) for several years and I am also an I.F.P.A. certified trainer. KONG is not only great for boosting sexual performance, it has dramatically ncreased my strength and testosterone levels. I take 3 or 4 KONG before working out and the results are amazing! I even threw out my Tribestan® !”

S. Clark, Atlanta Georgia

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Thank you kong I got my first bottle and took two and wow I used to only last one round in bed but tonight I went three for three kong works guys I will always have a bottle on hand thank you again kong

Frank P.

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See Ryan Ragan in the KONG SPORTS section

As a nationally-seeded professional surfer, I am constantly traveling and frequently surf and compete in Sumatra, The Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Puerto Rico, all over Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and Portugal, Maverick's and as much as possible the Oahu-Hawaii Pipeline.
Ephedra and caffeine products don't agree with me but BluEarth and KONG together really give me a great natural boost. I have more endurance and stamina, I recover faster after workouts and the Surfer Chicks like it too!

Ryan Ragan

KONG has not really saved my relationship but it has certainly made it more fulfilling for my girlfriend and myself. I find myself getting an erection with greater ease and more frequency than just a couple of months ago. It has also made my penis remain larger when flaccid, Thanks KONG! My girlfriend thanks you too.


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I have used Viagra & KONG. KONG is great and I do not see blue spots in the morning!

Rob M.

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I Did not think I needed any pills to help out my sex life. Well I stand corrected. After just a few days my sexual appetite increased noticeably. KONG is a permanent addition to my medicine cabinet.


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I love this stuff

I got to say i've noticed a difference in both my sex drive and my
girlfriends sex drive also. When sex used to last like 15 min. we now make
it last for hours. The great thing about KONG is that it's all natural, so
I'm not putting any harmful toxins in my body and it gives me a boost during
the day when I need a little extra get up and go.

Thanks for making such a great product
Branden D

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