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(Please read this paragraph before scrolling down.)

We here at KONG wanted to sponsor something Sexy Fast and all around cool to look at. Our first thought was NASCAR. That was not quite fast enough though. To make a long story short Webmaster Tid heard on TV that the space shuttle goes 17,500 miles per hour just to stay in orbit. Its Sexy as hell to look at, and even more sexy when launching. Kong is no stranger to the space program. So after a few phone conversations, and calling in some favors, NASA agreed to slap the KONG logo on the main Tank. NASA even threw a few bottles of KONG pills into the liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuel mixture in that big orange/brown thing. (Below are the photos almost not-at-all unretouched photos of the actual spacecraft and booster rockets.) With KONG on the Space Shuttle, we could not have been more proud. Then something weird happened. The tank some how grew to about twice its normal size overnight. NASA will deny this, but it did happen. Unfortunately NASA took the logo off the shuttle before the public countdown began and NASA will probably not mix KONG pills in their fuel cell again.



This is the only photo of the mishap, Nasa is taking the shuttle back to the main assembly building to remove the tank. But if kong is good enough for NASA then its good enough for anyone!!


Kong sends its best wishes to the Crew members and support crew for the Space Shuttle Discovery Mission.

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