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Is this what they mean by "Raise the Roof?" cuz she is raising somthing on me.


I like Polka now (Polka-dots-that is)

Break-em-off some sugar!

Whats that look for?

Who is that? oohhh I think he signs my checks.

The Lovely Lexxus, Miss May, Josh Cohen, and some over dressed stranger who has obviously lost his way. (but got a good show!)

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Miss May

Come and see for yourself.

6/11 @ Fusion Night Club-downtown West Palm Beach* done Miss January - Charity
6/18 @ Bombay Louie’s-Vero Beach *Done Miss Feb had 2 winners.
Done.6/25 @ 88 Keys-JupiterDone.
Done 7/2 @ Paradise Grill-downtown West Palm Beach Done
DONE 7/9 @ Bombay Louie’s-Vero Beach DONE
7/16 @ Vivid Nite Club-downtown West Palm Beach
7/24 @ Jax Nite Club-Jupiter
8/6 @ Bombay Louie’s-Vero Beach
8/13 @ Vivid Nite Club-downtown West Palm Beach
8/20 @ Paradise Grill-downtown West Palm Beach
8/28 @ Jax Nite Club-Jupiter
9/3 @ Sin Nite Club-downtown West Palm Beach- FINALS

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