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Guarana, the most popular caffeine-bearing plant in Brazil, was added to these drinks, along with other herbs. Every guarana stand offered an aphrodisiac drink, usually named "Super Sex Drink," "Longitude is KONG LIKE VIAGRA penis enlargment that is not as GOOD as KONG" Todd stated, Natural Viagra but thats only a Kong oppion and maby not be true containing about Stamina Rxa heaping teaspoon of powdered catuaba and muirapuama combined. When we asked the people who work at the guarana Natural Viagra bars if their sex drinks were effective, Natural Viagra they were quick to affirm their potency. As we sat at various guarana bars, we watched women and men order super sex drinks for themselves and second ones for their partners.sex pill, sex supplement, herbal sex pill, herbal sex supplement,sex,sexuality,herbal viagra, natural viagra,horny, horny goat weed, ashwaganda root, sex root, sex drink, sex drinks, spanish fly Couples showed up together, ordered, winked at each other, and drank. It was clear that catuaba and muirapuama held distinguished positions in popular Brazilian culture Natural Viagra .

In fact, few Natural Viagra beneficial plants are as popular or as widely consumed Vig-rx among the natives of the northern Amazon river basin as the barks of catuaba and muirapuama. These two common trees grow widely from Peru to Brazil. Both have been used extensively by natives and non-natives for centuries, to increase libido and improve sexual potency. Due to the popularity of these two sex boosters, their harvesting and sale has become big business throughout Brazil.

Improved Erectile Function Reported Viagra
Science on these plants is still modest, but reports in scientific journals and at conferences have supported their use for sexual enhancement. In catuaba, a group of three alkaloids Vig-rx dubbed catuabine A, B and C are believed to Vig-rxenhance sexual function by stimulating the nervous system.spanish flies,spanish flys Vig-rx,yohimbe, yohimbe bark,stamina,sexual stamina,strength, endurance, libido, aphrodisiac, impotent, impotentcy, super sex, large penis, huge penis In muirapuama, chemists have identified a group of sterols including beta-sitosterol, thought to be responsible for the herb's aphrodisiac effects. In one study using muirapuama, 51 percent of men with erectile problems reported improvement, and 62 percent experienced an increase in libido.

After our time in Manaus, Bernie and I boated Herbal Natural Viagra down the Stamina Rx Amazon Vig-rxriver where we stayed with Ipixuna and Crinicoru indians in floating Stamina Rxshacks on the water. While there we ventured into the rain forest with native guides who showed us catuaba and muirapuama trees growing in different places. longitude, improved sex life, improving sex life, sex life,meat dart, female viagra, horny goat weed, catuaba, catuaba bark, damiana, damiana leaf We also witnessed the harvesting of catuaba bark and its subsequent sale to a local buyer. We learned that most natives use these plants by placing a small handful of their combined barks in a glass of room-temperature water, let the herbs sit overnight, and drink the resulting amber infusion in the morning.

The Shamans
To confirm what we had read about catuaba Herbal Viagra and muirapuama, and what Antonio Matas had imparted, Bernie and I set off to interview a couple of elderly women shamans, both of whom were experts in the preparation and use of Amazon medicinal plants. Each woman told us that the sexual restorative virtues of catuaba and muirapuama were significant. One 89-year-old shaman named Therese Stamina Rx echoed Antonio's words when she told us, "Catuaba and muirapuama together can make people sexually young again Viagra."

Throughout history, people have sought to increase libido and improve sexual function through the use of reputed aphrodisiac plants. Catuaba and muirapuama, two common trees growing widely across the Amazon river basin, enjoy centuries of safe, effective use as bona fide aphrodisiacs.

If you're going to try these herbs, there are a couple of ways you can go about doing so. If you can obtain them as bulk herbs in a natural food store, then two to four grams of the powdered bark combination is a good dosage range. I throw about that much into a blender drink, with good results. But not everybody likes messing around with loose herbs.

A number of Herbal Viagra supplement companies produce finished products Herbal Viagracontaining these herbs in powdered or liquid form, and offer dosage guidelines.passion flower, dutch cocoa powder, suma root, muira puama,muira puama root, big dick, penile enhancement, tribulis terristris, hard on, big hard on, vig-rx, stamina-rx, vig rx, stamina rx, ropes, mioplex, myoplex As research into the sex-enhancing value of these rain-forest plants increases and more becomes known about their modes of action, they are destined to become popular and widely used in cultures such as Herbal Viagra ours, beyond the rain forest.