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KONG is the world's #1 Male Performance Pill. Supports strength, stamina, libido, sex drive and performance with Amazon Herbs such as Catuaba Bark & Muira Puama.

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Does KONG work?

Yes. KMS has sold millions of dollars worth of dietary supplements over the past 8 years. KONG is not only our #1 selling product, KONG customers also reorder KONG at record setting levels.

Will KONG support penis enlargement?

Yes, KONG customers report great enlargement results. Many of KONG's ingredients are the same or similar to many of the most popular "Penis Enlargement" products on the market. (As with any product, results will vary depending on the customer)

What makes KONG work?
KONG is a scientifically designed blend of potent Amazon, Chinese, African and South American herbs and plants. Each ingredient in KONG has a long history of successful use as a stamina booster and erotic intensifier. KONG is all natural and contains no harmful drugs.

When should I take KONG?
It is recommended the you take at least two (2) KONG per day. (Morning & Evening). KONG may be taken with or without food. Many KONG users enjoy taking 2 or 3 KONG as a performance booster.

How long should I continue taking KONG?
KONG is all natural and safe. KONG contains no harsh stimulants. Unless your Physician advises against it you may take and enjoy the benefits of KONG as long as you like.

Should I take more KONG if I have a larger body weight?

Yes, most KONG Customers weighing over 175lbs. report better results when they take 3-4 tablets daily for the first 30 days or so. A single KONG tablet will have a more powerful effect on someone who weighs 135lbs. then on someone who weighs over 250lbs. Of course, any increased dosage of any dietary supplement should be cleared through your physician.

Do the results from KONG increase over time?

Yes. KONG is designed to deliver better results over time. Many customers report outstanding results almost immediately but almost all customers report increasingly more powerful and impressive results over time.

Is KONG only for men?
No, many women as well as men have reported that they enjoy the aphrodisiac benefits of KONG

Where do the herbs in KONG come from?
The exotic herbs, roots and bark contained in KONG are sourced from the Amazon, Chinese, African and South American regions of the world. KONG was formulated by expert herbal pharmacologists in the U.S.A.

Does KONG contain any dangerous drugs? Is KONG safe?

No. KONG contains absolutely no dangerous drugs. KONG was formulated to be a safe and effective dietary supplement. However, you should always consult your physician before taking any dietary supplement including KONG.

How soon should I see results from KONG?
Most of KONG users report noticeable results in just 1-2 days and increasingly more intense and powerful results after 2-3 weeks of regular use.

Why is KONG such a great value compared to other Male Performance and Penis Enlargement Products offerd online?

KONG is the best penis performance product on the market. KONG is also the best value because we do everything from product development to product shipment in-house. Also, many people do not realize that when they order other products online up to 65% of the purchase price is being paid to a middleman or "Website Affiliate" for advertising the product online which inflates the customer's cost to $60 to $100 per bottle! Affiliate websites are perfectly legitimate but we decided that 65% was an outrageous commission for our customers to pay, so we eliminated the outrageous commissions and passed the savings on to you.

KONG can offer a very expensive product to its customers at a very fair price because we sell Direct and we do not pay excessive affiliate commissions.

KONG is the best product, best price and best value. We offer a same day shipping guarantee and Live Online customer support.


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