( Free Home Delivery Program )

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I recieve my first free bottle of Kong?

A: Your free bottle of Kong will ship the next business day following your order and enrollment in ASP.

Q: What will I recieve with each ASP shipment?

A: Enrolled ASP Members recieve 2 Bottles of KONG and 2 Bottles of KONG
Black Voodoo with each shipment approximately every 60 days on a 60 day cycle.

When will each ASP order ship?

A: KMS will ship to Enrolled ASP Members approximately 10 days before each
cycle you have recieved is scheduled to run out.

Do I need to call KMS/KONG to ship my ASP orders?

A: No. KMS will automatically charge your credit card on file and automatically
ship your ASP orders to you approximately every 60 days.

Are ASP Orders shipped in Discrete Packaging?

A: Yes. All KONG ASP orders are shipped in a plain brown box with KMS on the return address and KMS will appear on your credit card statement.

With ASP I will recieve KONG and KONG Black Voodoo together and should
I take Kong and Kong Black Voodoo together?

A: Yes. Enrolled ASP Members should take the recommended dose of 2 KONG tablets
and 2 KONG Black Voodoo Capsules per day. It is recommended that you take 1 KONG and 1 KONG Black Voodoo in the morning and 1 KONG and 1 KONG Black Voodoo in the
evening. This is the most effective way to experience KONG product benefits.

If I have any medical issues or take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra can I also take KONG products?

A: Maybe. We cannot by law give medical advice. Many customers do take KONG with other supplements or drugs but we would need to refer you to your physcician for this question.

How long will KONG and KONG Black Voodoo work?

A: Results with any dietary supplement or prescription drug will vary with the individual. Generally speaking, most customers see results in 2-3 weeks of regular use and improved results afterwards as KONG builds and retains in the system.

May I cancel my enrollment in the KONG ASP program at any time?

A: Yes. You may cancel KONG ASP at anytime. Simply call ASP Customer Care at
1-888-844-6822 Toll Free from 9am to 5pm EST, M-F or email your cancellation instructions to ASP

After my initial FREE Bottle of KONG how much will I be charged for each KONG and KONG Black Voodoo shipment?

A: Enrolled members of ASP are charged and shipped a 60 day cycle of 2 Bottles of KONG and 2 Bottles of KONG Black Voodoo approximately 10 days before the expiration of each cycle. You authorize KMS to charge your credit card $119.99 for each ASP shipment with Free Shipping until such time that you cancel your ASP enrollment.

This represents about a $70.00 savings over the suggested retail price for each ASP order including the Free Shipping and Handling with each order.

Are my ASP savings guaranteed?

A:Yes. Kong and Kong Black Voodoo pricing and shipping and handling charges are subject to change at any time.

However, enrolled ASP member pricing and free shipping and handling bonuses are guaranteed not to change for at least 12 months from the date of your ASP Enrollment.


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